Balefire – releasing May 20, 2024!

Rain’s only goal is survival. All those rumors that the kingdom is on the brink of war, or that Orin Balefire, the ruthless crown prince, aims to usurp the throne… None of it matters, until she steals a magical relic crucial to Orin’s devious plans. Overnight, she shifts from starving refugee to royal target number one.

Aided by Reece Railey, disenchanted captain of Orin’s personal guard, Rain flees for her life.

Though magic has been outlawed for generations, Rain and Reece learn it is far from dead. If they revive the old practices, it will unlock the relic’s secrets and open a path to use magic for great good. But it will also hand Orin the power to plunge the realm into darkness.

And magic, they discover, isn’t just a tool. It has a will of its own.

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